EAE Lighting Solutions

EAE Lighting Solutions


With the advantage of being a global manufacturer, EAE Lighting can make large investments by owning new markets. It uses new technologies and new production techniques in its production track.

In metal processing;

There are CNC profile benches, CNC horizontal and vertical machining benches, CNC punch benches, CNC press brakes, specially designed welding robots, resistance center units, driven and eccentric press lines.

In Electronic Production;

It continuously improves its production capabilities with SMD typesetting lines, assembly robots, safety units and process control units.

A static electricity discharge system has been built in the modern LED production facility.
EAE Lighting produces high value-added products in a closed area of ​​65.000 m2 with its machinery, equipment and experienced personnel, whose security and functional infrastructure has been solved.
EAE Lighting adopts the "LEAN PRODUCTION" technique in its production and raises awareness of its personnel with regular trainings.
In the production phase, the 'lean production' model and understanding are taken as basis. In this way; While targeting performance, efficiency and speed in production, it is aimed to minimize unnecessary waste that may occur.
EAE Lighting provides a healthy and safe working environment to its employees with its internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.
Customer satisfaction is prioritized with the solutions offered by engineers and technical personnel working in the technical office department for special customer demands.

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