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Ex-Proof literally means explosion-proof and is used in risky areas. It is essential to use Ex-Proof Electrical Materials in areas where there will be great damage in case of explosion. Especially in Zone 1 and Zone 2, common lighting systems or electrical materials are not used. You can continue reading our article for details!

The term explosion proof refers to products that are capable of containing an explosion. It does not, however, indicate that the product is capable of withstanding an internal explosion without allowing flames or hot gases to escape and initiate an explosion in the adjacent atmosphere

We applied for IECEX Certification for all ATEX Certified emergency luminaires

Our Product groups of Lineed Led / Fluorescent lighting fixtures RB series are expanded by the models below; ATEX/IECEX Certified: 1X25W,1X30W,1X50W,2X25W,2X30W,2X50W Led 1X18W,2X18W,1X36W,2X36W Fluorescent ATEX Certified Emergency Lighting Fixtures: 1X25W,1X30W,1X50W,2X25W,2X30W,2X50W Led 1X18W,2X18W,1X36W,2X36W Fluorescent

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